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For the issuance of burning permits in:
Imlay City
Imlay Township

Open buring is NOT permitted in the City of Imlay City by City Ordinance 95.01.
However, the City Commission has authorized the Fire Chief to allow for small recreational campfires limited in size to 10 square feet, with the additional requirement that camp fires do not create a public nuisance.
Additionally, burning may be allowed during special events approved by the City of Imlay City Commission or by the Fire Chief.

Open buring is allowed in Imlay Township under the following Conditions:

  1. You must have a permit to have an open fire.
  2. Any person who maliciously sets a fire which endangers human life or destroys the property of another, may upon conviction, be assessed a fine of not more than $10,000, or imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years or both such fine and imprisonment.
  3. Any person who sets a fire without taking responsible precautions to prevent the escape thereof or leaves the fire before it is extinguished is guilt of a misdemeanor.
  4. Any person who negligently allows a fire to escape is liable for all expenses incurred by Imlay City/Imlay Township in the suppression of such fire.
  5. Any permit issued may be revoked if conditions are not met or if burning cannot be done safely.
  6. This permit does not supersede any other Act, Ordinance, or rule, which further restricts or prohibits the setting of fires.

Local Ordinance:
Any person, firm, or corporation who violates any provision of this chapter is responsible for a municipal civil infraction, subject to payment of a civil fine of not less than $50 plus costs and other sanctions for each infraction.
Repeat offenses under this chapter shall be subject to increased fines as provided in local ordinances.

The Online Burning Permit System is currently disabled, for the following reason:
Burn Ban
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